Thirty-nine Des Moines area youth gathered at Ankeny Regional Airport on Saturday, July 14, to learn what aviation offers from a very talented group of pilots.  Although the weather postponed the scheduled Young Eagle Flights, the kids learned about airplane terminology and aerodynamics, what goes on at an airport, and the intricacies of planning a flight. The rally concluded with a pizza luncheon and the award of “Let’s Fly Iowa!” T-shirts.

In the photo below, Iowa Aviation Promotion Group president and certified flight instructor pilot Paul Berge explains the controls of a Cessna 172 trainer.

Moving on, Rachel Carlstrom and Keith Morgan explain airport traffic patterns.  Rachel, an Air Transport rated pilot and Keith Morgan, retired USAF Lt. Col. and former helicopter pilot were among the enthusiastic volunteer leaders.

Flight Planning and weather are hugely important to flying and former USAF fighter pilot Robin Witt goes into the use of plotters and maps, as Don Cox looks on. Don was also an ex-Air Force pilot.