This past Saturday, Iowa Aviation Promotion Group (IAPG) and the Clinton Municipal Airport gave dozens of kids an opportunity to be exposed to the wonders of aviation.  The camp was free and is an example of the fulfillment of one of IAPG’s key missions.

clinton rally photo

The aviation camp program includes workshops in principles of flight, airport operations, aviation careers and other topics.   EAA 33 also provided 36 young eagles rides.    IAPG Director Chuck McDonald helped coordinate efforts but it would not have been possible without local help from members Mike Nass, Sam Sparks, and Marlana Sokolovich.

Clinton is also hosting this year’s FlyIowa show on Sept 24th. 

After the program, participants ages 9-14 receive a free FlyIowa T shirt, balsa plane and pizza!  

IAPG helps make similar programs possible around the state. Kids at airports in Mason City, Clinton, Washington and others will also have opportunities this summer.  Since 2006, over 3000 children have participated.  When exposed early, we have many examples of how some kids go onto learn to fly and/or pursue aviation careers. 

 Your membership and support of IAPG makes programs like this possible!  The future of aviation in Iowa is bright with your continued support…