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Fly Iowa 2014 logoWhat is Fly Iowa? 

Fly Iowa is an annual event held in collaboration with a local airport. Fly Iowa showcases the role and benefits of aviation to the local community as well as throughout Iowa.  The Iowa City Municipal Airport will host Fly Iowa on June 28 and June 29, 2014.  Fly Iowa 2014 will showcase the role of aviation in several industries:  Business, Medicine, Research, and Recreation  Displays and Exhibitors will be on location to show how aviation supports their activities.

Mr. Pat Brown, Event Pilot from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) will be a featured exhibitor and will be available to meet with pilots, aircraft owners, and other concerned aviation supporters to get AOPA member inputs and answer questions regarding the many pressing aviation issues of the day. 


Event Schedule (check back for updates): 

Saturday June 28

Gates Open: 8am
Youth Aviation Activities by The Iowa Children’s Museum
Breakfast - Breakfast Vendors will be serving a variety of food
Lunch Vendors 11am
AIRSHOW 12pm – 2pm:  Airshow performers (and their aircraft) include:  The Vanguard Squadron (ethanol powered RVs), Erik Edgren (Taylorcraft), Darrel Massman (Panzl 300, Boeing Stearman), Grant Nielsen (Pitts Special)
Aircraft on display: T-6s, Medical Helicopters, Citation Jets, Douglas A-1 Skyraider, and more!


Sunday June 29

Young Eagles Airplane Rides
For Youth ages 8-17* 


*Registration required before flight


Airshow Rain Date 12-2pm


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Davenport Airport Runway 03/21 & Taxiway A is still closed, Runway 15/33 is open.

10/20 - Updates from Davenport Airport Manager, Tom Vesalga:

Please let everyone know that I haven’t forgotten about status updates on Runway 3/21. It’s FY2016 budget time and if not completed correctly, we may not get the funding we need next year. I’m also in the middle of three separate audits on past projects that have been taking up my time. Unfortunately, there’s not enough time in the day to complete everything that I’d like.

As it stands today, I do not have a firm date for the runway reopening. Although we were supposed to have had the runway already opened, the new concrete has ponding issues that we are working to resolve. These issued are relatively minor considering the amount of concrete that we’ve poured, but they still do represent a hydroplaning problem and thus a safety concern. We have resurveyed the entire runway and have identified the areas of concern. Now we are working to resolve the issue with a permanent fix to ultimately have the runway that we envisioned. Even though this project is now into overtime, we have no intention of reopening the runway with any type of safety issues or concerns. Rest assured that we are not letting anyone off the hook until the project is complete and ready to safely open.

Taxiway A remains closed due to ponding issues that remain on Runway 3/21 where Taxiway A crosses. I cannot open the taxiway until the runway issues are corrected and the entire area is swept clean. Currently, the contractor has the right-of-way on Runway 3/21 so there’s no way to cross the runway without causing a safety concern. The taxiway will be opened when the route of taxi is safe, clean, and clear.

With a project of this scope, it is difficult to continually inspect the open runways and taxiways for FOD. We have taken every precaution possible, and inspect as frequently as possible to maintain a clean and safe taxi and takeoff route. Unfortunately, FOD does occur. Even with the precautions that we are exercising right now, we still may miss some of the FOD that creeps back onto out concrete surfaces. So I am asking for everyone’s help. If you see any FOD that could be, or is a concern, please let me know exactly where you saw it so I can have someone out to clean it up.

Once we have resolved the ponding issues on the entire length of Runway 3/21 and Runway 15/33, we will clean the entire surface and be ready to reopen for daytime arrivals and departures on Runway 3/21 (Runway 15/33 will be open for both day and night operations as normal). The lighting system for Runway 3/21 will be delayed due to a change that we (Consultant and I) made late in the game. Although the new lighting system for Runway 3/21 was designed by the FAA manual, we felt that the light heights were too short for the conditions in this region. The book states that we are to have lights that measure 24” tall. We’ve always had lights that were 30” tall to mitigate their burial during snow removal operations. We decided not to keep the shorter lights, but to swap them for the taller ones to prevent problems down the road. We expect to have the lights installed no later than mid-November.

As with any major construction project, difficulties will creep into the works and prevent completion as we’d like. This project is no exception. But with this project, our reasons for delay hinge on safety, and safety alone. We will not open a runway that does not provide 100% of what we need to safely pursue our passions. It’s these passions that bring us here, and we deserve the best.
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Question: My Lycoming 0-360-A4M is in for a MOH as we speak. What is the best engine oil and viscosity that most recommend with good results? Both warm and cold weather weights. Ours is kept in a hanger and plugged in during the winter. Thanks. ... See MoreSee Less

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