Ankeny, Iowa—Jan 2019—The Fly Iowa Challenge is a continuing program of IAPG.  The goal of the Fly Iowa Challenge is to:

  • Encourage pilots to visit Iowa’s fine airports
  • Increase awareness of and promote Iowa’s airports
  • Increase activity levels at Iowa’s airports.
  • Increase support for the goals of the Iowa Aviation Promotion Group
  • Increase the activity and proficiency level of Iowa pilots

Pilots from all across the U.S. will attempt to visit as many of Iowa’s 109 public access airports as possible.  There is no time limit for completion of the visits and when a participant completes the initial or Bronze level they may claim a prize and continue qualifying for Silver or Gold (the highest level—all 109 airports).  Flights must be recorded in the FAA log book and the Fly Iowa Challenge Passport log and participant must remain registered as an IAPG member for the flights to count.

Participants will be eligible for pilot accessories such as hats, shirts, pilot bags, and leather jackets.  Rules and Registration information are available under the Fly Iowa Challenge tab.

The Fly Iowa Challenge began as an IAPG program in 2007 and was to be a one year program. It has since been modified and extended as perpetual program with recognition awards made as participants qualify. The following pilots have won awards in the Fly Iowa Challenge:


Name Year of Award Award Level and Comments
Bruce Beecroft & Paul Stoeker 2007 100%, all airports with C-172
Ron Mayland 2007 Runner-up
Jason Boggess 2007 Student pilot scholarship
Steve & Ginger Kleinschnitger 2009 Silver award, 60+ airports
Marc Broer  2010 Platinum 100%
Eldon Gast 2010 Silver award, 60 + airports
Tim Cloyd 2011 Platinum 100% (balloon pilot, drove to the airports)
Denis Biscobing 2011 Platinum 100%
Treavor Kleinschnitger 2012 Platinum 100%
Eric Kleinschnitger  2012 Platinum 100%
Lee Harker  2012 Platinum 100%
Stuart Rauh 2014 Platinum 100%
John Dutcher 2016 Platinum 100%
Jim Meade 2016 Platinum 100%
Matt Sawhill 2016 Platinum 100%
Arnie Sperfslage 2017 Platinum 100%
Russell Kinneberg 2017 Platinum 100%
Jeffrey Kaminski 2018 Platinum 100%
Dr. Tom Carlstron 2018 Platinum 100%
Mark Kennett 2018 Platinum 100%

Congratulations to all!  

The Iowa Aviation Promotion Group is an Iowa 501(c)3 non-profit corporation dedicated to growth, education, and development of aviation in Iowa.

Go ahead, take the Fly Iowa Challenge!

The files below are applicable to the Challenge. Please use them for your entries.

Fly Iowa Challenge Rules

Fly Iowa Challenge Registration