IAPG Annual Meeting 2015

IAPG Annual Meeting 2015








Nearly 50 members and guests braved the first snow of the year and attended the IAPG annual meeting at the Cedar Rapids Airport on Saturday November 21st.   The meeting was held in the PS Air/Landmark hanger with plenty of aircraft to provide the backdrop including Phenom and Hawker biz jets as well as a King Air and Citation.   Lunch included some winter favorites from HyVee, “nothing quite like the smell of Jet A while having Chili!” said one attendee.  

The agenda included  typical annual meeting content like finance, program, and membership information.   FlyIowa 2015 had over 15,000 people attend and preparations for FlyIowa 2016 in Clinton Iowa are well underway.  Membership is up over 25% over 2014 reported current IAPG president Bill Weyers.   In fact, 8 new members joined IAPG at this meeting alone!

IAPG celebrated its 10th year of sponsoring and providing aviation youth camps.   Over 3400 Iowa children have enjoyed these programs and we have heard from parents and educators of the years that these programs have often had a significant impact on the kid’s lives. 

Programs include a winter flying FAAST program on icing that utilized some CLASSIC black and white naval training films that were considered “classified” back when produced in the early 60s.  Additionally, retired Rockwell Collins engineer Rod Blackstone shared his first hand experience during his mulitple missions to the Pacific to unlock the mysteries of the Amelia Earhart disappearance in 1937.   

Special thanks to our hosts, EAA Chapter 33 and Iowa Flight Training. 

For more information or to join IAPG go to FLYIOWA.org.