The Iowa Aviation Promotion Group is a non-profit organization whose mission is to grow aviation by increasing the number of pilots, aviation users, and aviation supporters within the state.  IAPG offers a number of programs intended to: increase awareness of the benefits of aviation, educate the public, increase the activity level of current aviation enthusiasts, increase the number of pilots and aircraft within the state, and provide opportunities for young and old to experience aviation in Iowa.  We have set measurable goals to monitor the benefit of each of these programs.

2019 IAPG Programs:

  • Host the annual Fly Iowa Event, this year at Boone MAP on August 
  • Promote and host Youth Aviation Rallies across Iowa
  • Hold the Fly Iowa Challenge to encourage increased pilot activity in the state
  • Holding social events such as Classic Aviation Film nights and the IAPG Annual Meeting of Members

In order to meet our goals, we will aggressively work to maximize communication about our activities to inform members and non-members alike by doing the following:

  • Hosting Teleconferences for all IAPG Meetings
  • Host a continuously updated IAPG Web Page

These activities require financial support and volunteer assistance from people like you. There are many levels of membership in IAPG.  Please consider becoming a member by completing the membership form and donating to this worthy organization.  Iowa Aviation Promotion Group is a 501(c)3 corporation incorporated in the state of Iowa.  Donations are tax deductible.

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The Iowa Aviation Promotion Group is a member of The International Council of Air Shows

Downloadable By-Laws
Click here to download and print our current by-laws.