Founded in 1998 by the Iowa Department of Transportation Aviation Office and the Iowa Public Airports Association, the original purpose of IAPG was to recruit, select, and supervise selected airport sites to host the annual Fly Iowa Air Fair. The selected sites would be awarded seed money to develop and hold Fly Iowa. Since its founding, the group has broadened its mission from fly Iowa to other activities which are aimed to grow general aviation activity, participation, knowledge, and appreciation within the State of Iowa.  IAPG is recognized as a 501c (3) not-for-profit entity by the Internal Revenue Service.


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What is Above the Ordinary ?

Most pilots would say it is the experience of flying. Because the pilot population is declining, Iowa Aviation Promotion Group has initiated its “Above the Ordinary” campaign. Based on an exciting video meant for commercial use on TV, theaters, and group gatherings, IAPG is making the video available to aviation businesses that seek to grow and market to a demographic who can make a commitment to learning to fly and perhaps buying an aircraft. For more details, visit www.abovetheordinary.org